UK NSC Recommendations

This list summarises whether population screening is currently recommended for a condition or not, and if it is open to public comments at this time.

Recommendations are reviewed regularly, usually every 3 years. Use the filters to read the details of the findings and supporting documents from the most recent review.

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Condition Who it affects Screening recommended Public comments
Congenital heart disease Newborn Recommended
Congenital hypothyroidism Newborn Recommended
COPD Adult Not recommended
Cryptorchidism Newborn Recommended
Cystic fibrosis (newborn) Newborn Recommended
Cystic fibrosis (pregnancy) Antenatal Not recommended
Cytomegalovirus Antenatal Not recommended
Dementia Adult Not recommended
Dental disease Child Not recommended
Depression Adult Not recommended
Developmental dislocation of the hip Newborn Recommended
Development & behaviour Child Not recommended
Diabetes Adult Not recommended
Diabetic retinopathy Adult Recommended
Down's syndrome Antenatal Recommended
Duchenne muscular dystrophy Newborn Not recommended
Edwards' syndrome Antenatal Recommended
Familial hypercholesterolaemia (adult) Adult Not recommended
Familial hypercholesterolaemia (child) Child Not recommended
Fatty-acid oxidation disorders Newborn Not recommended