UK NSC Recommendations

This list summarises whether population screening is currently recommended for a condition or not, and if it is open to public comments at this time.

Recommendations are reviewed regularly, usually every 3 years. Use the filters to read the details of the findings and supporting documents from the most recent review.

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Condition Who it affects Screening recommended Public comments
Fetal anomalies Antenatal Recommended
Fetal presentation in pregnancy Antenatal Not recommended
FMAIT Antenatal, Newborn Not recommended
Fragile X Antenatal Not recommended
GA1 Newborn Recommended
Galactosaemia Newborn Not recommended
Gaucher disease Newborn Not recommended
Genital herpes Antenatal Not recommended
Gestational diabetes Antenatal Not recommended
Glaucoma Adult Not recommended
Group B streptococcus Antenatal Not recommended
Growth Child Recommended
Haemochromatosis Adult Not recommended
HCU Newborn Recommended
Hearing (child) Child Recommended
Hearing loss (adult) Adult Not recommended
Hearing (newborn) Newborn Recommended
Hepatitis B Antenatal Recommended
Hepatitis C (pregnancy) Antenatal Not recommended
Human immunodeficiency virus Antenatal Recommended